Stephen J. Clark�s art and writing first emerged in surrealist publications throughout the 1990s, appearing more recently in exhibitions organised by the Czech and Slovak Surrealist Group as well as in the pages of their journal Analogon.

His art work has been commissioned for numerous record and book covers, most notably by Tartarus Press who has published his illustrations on a series of Robert Aickman book covers, volumes of contemporary Strange Tales anthologies, special editions like Arthur Machen's �N� or short story collections such as Angela Slatter's Sourdough and Other Stories.

In 2007 Surrealist Editions published The Bridge of Shadows, a collaborative work combining Clark�s poems with the surrealist Bill Howe's photographs.

Returning to writing fiction in 2008, Clark's story 'The House of Sleep' was published by Ex Occidente Press in the Gustav Meyrink homage anthology Cinnabar's Gnosis. Work has since appeared in various publications by Egaeus Press, Side Real Press, Supernatural Tales, Ex Occidente Press and Fulgur Limited among others.

His first illustrated novella The Satyr, a supernatural thriller drawing upon the life of Austin Osman Spare was released in 2010 and The Bestiary of Communion an illustrated collection of three novellas followed in 2011.

In Delirium's Circle, the author's debut novel was published by Egaeus Press in 2012.

He is currently working on a new omnibus edition of The Satyr and The Bestiary of Communion. A new novella Lithe Tenant will be published in 2015.

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