"The Hair Eater"
"The Secret Place"
"The Black Path is Out of Bounds"
"Sketch of Hag"
"Rumoured Fortune"
"On the Path to the End"
"If You Walk Through the Flowers"
"Forgotten or Still to Come"
"Der Eulenmann"
"A Spindle Turning Deep in the Earth Leaves Loose Ends in the Branches"

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In Delirium's Circle - August 2012

In Delirium's Circle is Stephen J. Clark's first novel, an unsettling tale of secrecy and obsession, of haunting memories and spiralling madness. Set amongst the fogbound and beleaguered streets of post-war Newcastle Upon Tyne, In Delirium's Circle documents the obscure fate of William Fetch, artist and seer, in his pursuit of the truth behind a secret society of sinister game-players and the nebulous masters to whom they are enthralled. Fetch sees in these shadowy individuals perhaps his final chance to know the hidden worlds he has devoted his life to discovering. But are the choices he is making really his own? More...


Supernatural Tales 19 (Summer 2011)
Powers of Darkness by Robert Aickman (Tartarus Press, 2011)
Dark Entries by Robert Aickman (Tartarus Press, 2011)
Sub Rosa by Robert Aickman (Tartarus Press, 2010)
Supernatural Tales 18 (Winter 2010)
Analogon 60 (2010)
The Inner Room by Robert Aickman (Tartarus Press, 2010)
N by Arthur Machen (Tartarus Press, 2010)
Supernatural Tales 18 (Winter 2010)
Sourdough and Other Stories by Angela Slatter (Tartarus Press, 2010)
Strange Tales III edited by Rosalie Parker (Tartarus Press, 2010)
Supernatural Tales 17 (Summer 2010)
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